Things to do in Bath

There’s a wide variety of things to do and see in Bath, probably too much to do actually! It’s no wonder why nearly four million people visit the city on a yearly basis. If you don’t know already, Bath has been noticed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, so obviously if you’re interested in any kind of history, Bath could be your ideal destination to visit this year.

There are too many historical places to mention that are in Bath that you could visit, but here’s a few of them: The Roman Baths is a great spot to visit if you want to relax for a few hours. It’s thought that the Baths are in or around two thousand years old, it’s amazing how beautiful the place still is even now. There are no other hot springs in the United Kingdom, so you’ll never get to experience anything like it if you want to visit Britain. Pulteney Bridge is also popular on many peoples list to visit while they’re in Bath; it’s easily on of the most amazing bridges across all of Britain. It’s now close to 250 years old, and was designed by a man from Venice. It’s one of the few bridges that have more than one purpose, firstly to cross the river and secondly it’s now used as a place for people to shop. For obvious reasons, it has been slightly changed since it was first constructed, but it’s still just as beautiful now as it was back when it was first built.

Bath isn’t just interesting for people who like history though. Bath offers so much more. There are so many other activities which are for more active people. You can walk or cycle on a range of hills that have magnificent views for you to look at, or go on a hot air balloon if you’re really adventurous! Bath has some of the most amazing countryside in the country, so if you are ever in Bath its well worth having a look at. When you’re finished exploring the countryside, you can visit the city and shop to your heart’s content or even go to some of the best restaurants in the city. There’s really so much that you can do in Bath, the choice is yours!

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